The main problems of non-citizens in Latvia

Seminar «Legal and social situation of non-citizens: legislation and implementation». Riga, 3 November 1995. Organized by the Swedish Helsinki Committee and the Danish Helsinki Committee in cooperation with the Latvian Centre for Human Rights and Ethnic Studies.

Толерантность и попытки построения «национального государства» в полиэтнической среде: Балтийский опыт

Международная конференция «Толерантность, взаимопонимание и согласие». Якутск, 20-25.06.1995. Организаторы: Правительство Республики Саха и Комиссия РФ по делам ЮНЕСКО.

High Commissioner and Permanent Mission: The CSCE at work in the Latvian(-Russian) Conflict on Citizenship and Human Rights

Workshop «Nation-states, international organizations and sub-state actors: Shifting patterns of interaction and their significance for conflict, cooperation and security in the Baltic Sea region». Kiel, 18-20 November 1994. Organized by the Peace Research Unit at the University of Kiel and the Tampere Peace Research Institute (TAPRI).

Ethnopolitical conflict in the Post-Soviet space: the Baltic version

IPRA Study Commission on Internal Conflicts and Their Resolution. IPRA XV General Conference, Malta, 30 October — 3 November 1994.

Pilsoņiem un nepilsoņiem — vienādas vai dažādas tiesības?

Konference «Latvija — dzimtene kam?». Rīga, 29.04.-1.05.1994. Organizēja Heinrich Böll Foundation un Goethe-Institut Riga.

Latvian League of Stateless Persons: why it is necessary and what it wants

Symposium «Policies and realities: Minorities in the Baltic Republics». Toronto, 5 February 1994. Organized by the AABS Canadian Committee and the Chair of Estonian Studies, University of Toronto.

Citizenship issue and language legislation in today’s Latvia: Tools for implementation of ethnic nation-state concept

Seminar «Citizenship and Language Legislation of the Newly Independent States of Europe». Copenhagen, 9-10 January 1993. Organized by the Danish Helsinki Committee.