Цилевич: разговор ради разговора – иллюзия деятельности

Stolitsa.ee, 1.07.2021

Депутат Сейма Латвии, председатель комитета ПАСЕ по юридическим вопросам и правам человека, считает, что в сложившейся на сегодняшний день международной политике саммит ЕС-Россия вряд ли будет чем-то больше, чем дипломатической формальностью…

Council of Europe norms and standards on national minority rights: Results and challenges

High-level conference, Strasbourg, June 29, 2021. Organized by the Hungarian Presidency of the Council of Europe.

PACE’s Boriss Cilevičs: freedom of speech for politicians, but it should not be unlimited (video)

PACE Media Box, 25.6.2021

Politicians need a particularly high level of protection of freedom of speech, but such freedom is not unlimited, says PACE rapporteur Boriss Cilevičs…

Council of Europe rapporteur: “Next, Spain has to drop its extradition claims”

El Nacional, 25.06.2021

The rapporteur who drafted the Council of Europe report calling for the release of the Catalan political prisoners and an end to the extradition claims against exiled leaders has said in a video interview that the pardons are not enough. Boriss Cilevičs said that, as well, the moves to pursue those who left the country have to end, and furthermore, Spain
needs to stop taking reprisals against second-rank Catalan government officials, in a reference to many trials and investigations which are still continuing. Cilevičs asserted that pardons alone “obviously do not solve the problem.”…

Council of Europe adopts strong resolution against Spain’s pursuit of Catalan leaders

El Nacional, 21.06.2021

Today’s address by the Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, at the Liceu theatre in Barcelona, announcing pardons for the nine Catalan political prisoners has been heard loud and clear in Strasbourg. But it has come too late. It has not prevented the severe blow that Spain has received in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, which today approved a resolution arising from a highly critical report, calling for the release of the pro-independence prisoners, an end to the persecution of the politicians in exile, and a series of other recommendations on the Catalan conflict….

Political Organisations of Crossborder Minorities

Online Colloquium, June 15-16, 2021. Organized by the Institute for Minority Rights (EURAC) and Centre for the Study of Ethnic Conflict (Queens University Belfast).

Diskusija raidījumā “Šodienas jautājums”, LTV1

LTV1, 26.5.2021

Šodienas jautājums – sankcijas pret Baltkrieviju. Piedalas: Saeimas Ārlietu komisijas priekšsēdētājs Rihards Kols un Eiropas lietu komisijas loceklis Boriss Cilevičs. Raidījumu vada Anete Bērtule