Bad behaviour is rewarded? Comparison of minority policies in the Baltic states

Workshop on the Securitisation of Minorities. Budapest, 10 July 2016. Organized by The Tom Lantos Institute.

The Refugee Crisis and the Baltic States: Change of Policy Paradigm?

Conference “The Nation State and Migration in the Baltics: Getting to Terms with the Past and the Future”. Riga, 10 June 2016. Organized by the Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS.

Parliamentary responses to Antisemitism

International Parliamentary Conference on Combating Antisemitism. Berlin, 13-15 March 2016. Organized by Inter-parliamentary Coalition for Combating Antisemitism (ICCA).

Minority rights and nationalist movements

Challenges to European security: parliamentary perspectives and responses. Wiston House, 15-17 February 2016. Organized by Wilton Park.

Personal scope of application of the Framework Convention: a practitioner’s view

External Consultations on the Draft 4th Thematic Commentary on the Scope of application of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities. Vienna, 4 February 2016. Organized by the FCNM Advisory Committee.
Programme and list of participants

Exterritorial citizenship in the context of contemporary politics

Workshop on Extraterritorial Citizenship in Postcommunist Europe. Warsaw, 12 December 2015. Organized by the Uiversity of Warsaw (UW).

Language policies in Latvia: Lessons for minority protection

International conference:Integration and Exclusion. Linguistic Rights of National Minorities in Europe.
Vilnius, 27 November 2015. Organized by The Association of Polish Academics in Lithuania (SPNL) and International Observatory of Linguistic Rights, University of Moncton.

Проблема беженцев в современной Европе: защита, безопасность, интеграция

Форум „Гражданский мир-2015“. Миграционный кризис. Таллинн, 20 ноября 2015

Downplaying Holocaust in political discourse

Conference: The Holocaust in Public Discourse. Use and Abuse. Budapest, 6 November 2015. Organized by The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA).

25 years after Copenhagen: Key issues in minority protection. A practitioner’s view

Conference: The 1990 CSCE Copenhagen Document, East-West encounters and evolutions of the minority regime in Europe. Flensburg, 5-7 June 2015. Organized by European Centre for Minority Issues.