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Minority related national legislation


The Constitution, 1994 (excerpts) English Russian (Win1251) Moldovan
Law on Protection of National Minorities, 2001 Russian (Win1251) Moldovan
Law on Political Parties, 1991 (excerpts) Russian (Win1251)
Electoral Code, 1997 (excerpts) Russian (Win1251) Moldovan
Law on the Functioning of Languages, 1989 English Russian (Win1251)
Law on Religion, 1992 (excerpts) English Russian (Win1251) Moldovan
Penal Code, 1961 (excerpts) Russian (Win1251)
Code of Administrative Misdemeanours, 1985 (excerpts) Russian (Win1251)
Code of Civil Procedure, 1964 (excerpts) Russian (Win1251)
Code of Criminal Procedure, 1961 (excerpts) English Russian (Win1251)
Law on Application of the Law on Administrative Territorial Arrangements of 2001 and of the Amendments to the Law on Local Public Administration of 1998, 2002 (excerpts) Russian (Win1251) Moldovan
Law on Administrative Territorial Arrangements, 1998 (excerpts) Russian (Win1251)
Law on the Status of Gagauzia, 1994 Russian (Win1251)
Law on Local Public Administration, 1998 (excerpts) Russian (Win1251)
Law on Assemblies, 1995 (excerpts) Russian (Win1251)
Law on NGOs, 1996 (excerpts) Russian (Win1251)
Law on Notaries, 1997 (excerpts) Russian (Win1251)
Law on Education, 1995 (excerpts) Russian (Win1251)
Law on Media, 1994 (excerpts) English Russian (Win1251)
Law on Audio-Visual Broadcasting, 1995 (excerpts) English Russian (Win1251) Moldovan
Law on Interpretation of Art. 13 paragraph 3 of the Law on Audio-Visual Broadcasting, 2000 Russian (Win1251)
Law on Advertising, 1997 (excerpts) Russian (Win1251)
Family Code, 1969 (excerpts) Russian (Win1251)
Labour Code, 1973 (excerpts) Russian (Win1251)
Law on Culture, 1999 (excerpts) Russian (Win1251)