Born:18 March 1974, Riga, Latvia
Basic education: Sept.1997 - June 1998
Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
MA in Political Science
Sept. 1993 - June 1997 University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia
BA in Political Science
January 1995 - Dec. 1995
Department of Political Science, Aarhus University, Denmark
Was enrolled in two semester student exchange programme(TEMPUS)
Employment: Nov. 1998 - Center for Educational and Social Research ´┐ŻBaltic Insight´┐Ż - Director
Febr. 1998 - June 1998 Local Government Initiative of Open Society Institute - Research Assistant
Nov. 1997 - June 1998 CEU Centre Computer Laboratory - Supervisor
Febr. 1997 - June 1997 University of Latvia - Research Assistant
Nov. 1993- April 1997 Latvian Center for Human Rights and Ethnic Studies (LCHRES) - Research Associate

Language skills: Russian - mother tongue; Latvian - fluent; English - fluent; Danish - basic

Main publications

  1. Minority Protection in Latvia. Budapest: OSI EU Accession Monitoring Project, 2001, pp.265-312 (co-authored with L.Raihman)
  2. The case of Latvia, in: A.Krizsan (ed.), Ethnic Monitoring and Data Protection: The European Context. Budapest, Central European University Press - INDOK, CPS Books, 2001, pp. 227-237
  3. Baltic part of: M.Feischmidt, Ethnic Relations in Eastern Europe: A Selected and Annotated Bibliography. Budapest: Open Society Institute, Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative, 2001.
  4. "Prospects for a Political Nation in Latvia", Civic Education Project 1996 annual issue
  5. "Minority Education in Latvia", LCHRES Newsletter N 8-9, 1996
  6. "Latvian Law on Cultural Autonomy", LCHRES Newsletter N 3, 1994
  7. "Minority Organisations in Latvia", LCHRES Newsletter N 1, 1993

Other international exposure

  1. July 1998 International Summer School in Political Science, Krynica, Poland
  2. July 1997 Took part in the European Minority Course, Aabenraa, Denmark
  3. April 1996 Took part in Civic Education Project (CEP) organised conference, Budapest, Hungary. Paper presented: "Prospects for a Political Nation in Latvia."
  4. April 1994 Took part in CEP conference, Kosice, Slovakia. Paper presented: "Leadership in a Transitional society: Glimpse from Latvia".