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Passed 6 June 2001
RT I 2001, 58, 354


20. Language of administrative proceedings

(1) The language of administrative proceedings shall be Estonian.
Foreign languages shall be used in administrative proceedings pursuant to the procedure provided for in the Language Act (RT I 1995, 23, 334; 1996, 37, 739; 40, 773; 1997, 69, 1110; 1998, 98/99, 1618; 1999, 1, 1; 16, 275; 2000, 51, 326).

21. Interpreter or translator

(1) If a participant in proceedings or his or her representative does not know the language of the proceedings, an interpreter or translator shall be involved in the proceedings at the request of the participant in the proceedings.
(2) A participant in proceedings who applies for the involvement of an interpreter or translator shall bear the costs of involvement of the interpreter or translator, unless otherwise provided by an Act or regulation or unless an administrative authority resolves otherwise. The administrative authority may establish a condition that the right granted to the person by an administrative act does not arise before the costs of involvement of the interpreter or translator are paid.
(non official translation)


Source: Estonian Legal Translation Centre